CESS 2023 Annual Conference Call for Papers

The CESS 2023 proposal submissions deadline. March 1, is coming up.
Central Eurasian Studies Society 23rd Annual Conference, October 19-22, 2023
Center for Governance and Markets  at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

About the Annual Conference

CESS Conferences have been held at universities around North America and Central Eurasia since 2000, alongside our concurrently offering up to 70 panels and attracting around 300 participants worldwide. For CESS 2023, we invite submissions relating to all humanities and social science scholarship aspects. The geographic domain of Central Eurasia encompasses Central Asia, the Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, Tibet, Mongolia, Siberia, Inner Asia, the Black Sea region, the Volga region, and East and Central Europe. Practitioners and scholars in all fields with an interest in this region are encouraged to participate.
In addition, we invite proposals from CESS members to design and facilitate pre-conference workshops. The pre-conference workshops will be held on the morning of October 19 before the conference opens that afternoon.
We encourage in-person participation, but the conference will be fully hybrid, so proposals are welcome from those who cannot attend.
We highly encourage all participants to form their panels; however, individual proposals are also welcome.
In addition to “traditional” (chair, 3-4 presenters, discussant) and roundtable panels, we encourage other proposals also, including:
*Scholarship-in-Progress panels or ones on recently published works of scholarship (including author-critic forums)
*Events-in-Progress panels on the evolving political, social, economic, and cultural situation in the region
*Workshops (pre-conference (see details below) or in-conference
Our website provides more information about the requirements of each proposal type.
Please read the conference rules and language policy before submitting a proposal.
Submissions to the Annual Conference are made online.
Submissions for pre-conference workshops are made separately, as explained below.

The deadline for proposal submissions is Wednesday, March 1, 2023 (11.59 pm Eastern Standard Time).
We expect to notify applicants of the outcomes of their submissions by April 1, 2023.
See also: https://centraleurasia.org/conferences/workshops/
Pre-conference workshops will be offered again at the CESS 2023 Annual Conference. The half-day workshops will be held on October 19 (morning) to provide additional opportunities for scholarly engagement and training.
We invite CESS members to design and propose a half-day workshop. Possible workshop topics include ethics and safety in field research, guidance for doctoral students preparing for fieldwork, methods workshops (best practices in archival research, qualitative data analysis, interview best practices, participatory approaches), publishing/preparing research for submission, teaching about the region and workshopping syllabi, conducting public scholarship, and grant proposal writing. We are open to other proposals, including practical learning activities not envisioned here.

Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS)
CESS was founded in 1999 and incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 2001. The mission of CESS is to facilitate communication and interaction among scholars of the Central Eurasia region, to promote high standards of scholarship about the Central Eurasia region, to promote cooperation among those concerned with the scholarly study of Central Eurasia, and to promote general knowledge of and public interest in Central Eurasia.

For inquiries regarding the conference, contact the Conference Committee Chair. Jeff Sahadeo, at jeff.sahadeo@carleton.ca