Accommodations for CESS 2024 Conference at Turan University

Welcome to the accommodation guide for the CESS 2024 Conference at Turan University. To ensure a comfortable stay during the conference, we’ve selected a list of recommended hotels near the venue, based on rates checked in February 2024. Accommodation options vary from luxury to budget-friendly, catering to different preferences and needs. Please get in touch with the hotels directly for the most up-to-date pricing and availability.

In addition to accommodations, we offer travel tips for getting around Almaty, including information on public transportation, taxi services, and the Onay Card for buses and the metro. We aim to make your visit to the CESS 2024 Conference both productive and enjoyable. Welcome to Almaty!


We’ve compiled a list of recommended hotels near the conference venue. Prices are based on the rate checked in February 2024 and are subject to change. We recommend checking with the hotels directly for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing and availability.

Within a 10-30-minute walk from Turan University:

Further from Turan University:

  • Mildom Hotel: 122 Nauryzbay batyr St, Almaty – $75 per night
  • Ambassador: 121 Zheltoksan St, Almaty – $138 per night
  • Rahat Palace Hotel: 29/6 Satpayev St., Almaty – $161 per night
  • Dream Novotel Holiday: Luganskogo, Almaty – $68 per night
  • Opera Apartments Almaty: 3 Baiseitova St., Almaty – $86 per night
  • D’Rami: 123 Abylaikhan St, Almaty – $58 per night
  • Rixos: 506/99 Seifullina St, Almaty – $368 per night
  • Uyut Hotel: 127/1 Gogol St., Almaty – $85 per night
  • Kazzhol: 127/1 Gogol St., Almaty – $107 per night
  • Ibis: 55 Abylaikhan St, Almaty – $98 per night

For other options, you can check out Airbnb and

Getting there

Almaty has excellent connectivity. City buses offer an economical ride. For the fastest travel within the city, taxis are your best bet. Official taxis and rideshare applications offer reliable and reasonably priced alternatives.


Ride-hailing apps, generally a tad more costly and slower than gypsy cabs, include Yandex Taxi or Indrive (Uber merged with Yandex in Kazakhstan a few years ago). Official taxis present a reliable alternative, with their costs aligning with those of ride-hailing apps, offering another viable option for travelers.

Base Fare (includes first 3 minutes and 1 km) — 400 tenge, approximately $0.92.

Public Transportation

The Onay Card serves as the official transportation pass in Almaty, available for purchase at kiosks and metro stations for 400 tenge, which includes one complimentary ride. To add more rides, users can reload the card at any Qiwi payment terminal, online, or through the Onay app. The card can also be returned for a refund at the train station.

It’s important to note that recharging the card takes about 15 minutes, and the card cannot be shared for simultaneous entries if you are traveling in pairs on the bus. The Onay Card is exclusively valid in Almaty for use on both the metro and bus services. Alternatively, fares can be paid in cash or via SMS on the bus.


The nearest bus stop to Turan University is “Nauryzbai batyr St” a two-minute walk. Buses operate from 6 AM to 9 PM, with the exception of a single night route serving the airport. Fares are 150 tenge when paid in cash directly to the driver, but reduce to 100 tenge if payment is made using an Onay Card or via SMS. The following buses pass Turan University:

You can find more information here.


The nearest metro stations to Turan University, Abay and Baykonyr, are a 20-minute walk.

Almaty’s metro is praised for its cleanliness and efficiency. It offers only one east-west route traversing the central areas along Abay and Dostyk avenues. With a fare of 100 tenge, it’s an efficient mode of transportation for those whose destinations are near a metro stop. Operating hours are from 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., with trains arriving approximately every 10 minutes.