Details for Participation in CESS Regional and Annual Conferences:

For guidelines on writing an abstract and/or a paper, visit the Abstract Writing Guidelines page and the Paper Writing Guidelines pages.

For information about past or future conferences, visit the Past and Future Conference page.

2014 Regional Conference Call For Papers

2014 Annual Conference Call For Papers

Registering for either conference:

1. Become a member of CESS.

2. After registering as a member, you may register and pay for the conference.

**Organizers should submit information for pre-organized panels on the 2014 Panel Submissions form.  There will also be a place to attach the panel members’ abstracts if the organizer wishes to do so at that time.

**Conference participants may submit individual abstract papers and biographies for the conference on the 2014 Paper Submission form.

Conference Payment for Annual Conference:

Fee Category                 Registration Rate                On-site Registration Rate

Regular fee members*          $80 USD                                $120 USD after August 18, 2012

Reduced fee members**      $40 USD                                 $60 USD after August 18, 2012

Non-members                      $120 USD                               $140 USD after August 18, 2012


* “Regular fee members” are those who have paid their annual dues at $90 to $150.

** “Reduced fee members” are those who qualify and have paid less than $45 for annual dues.

The registration fee may be submitted at the same time as the proposal form, or at any time before the pre-registration deadline. For dates, please see the Annual CFP.

CESS accepts payment by:

1) Credit card

2) Check, wire transfer, or money order (please contact CESS at )

4) Cash (only at conference)

All payments are in USDs.

NOTE: CESS does not have funds to support the costs of conference participation, and does not waive the conference fee for participants who cannot afford it. Participants must obtain their own funding – from personal resources, their own institutions, or grant-giving organizations which provide conference travel grants.

Conference Guidelines:

Presenters may submit proposals to both conferences, but they must be different proposals.  No one may submit the same paper or panel to both. In order to register for both conferences, you must submit separate paper submission forms and pay separate conference registration fees.

Submissions of pre-organized panels are strongly encouraged and will be given some preference in the selection process. In forming panels, consider including scholars whose work is situated outside of Central Eurasia but who can speak to the panel topic thematically or comparatively, especially in discussant roles.

Submission of Proposals:

Please note that the selection of papers is done by anonymous peer review and will be very competitive. We encourage all potential presenters to consider working with colleagues to arrange a pre-organized panel (which includes not only presenters but also a chair and a discussant), as this will improve your chances of acceptance. Successful proposals will offer new findings based on theoretically informed, empirically rich research. As always, we strongly encourage the participation of graduate students and scholars from Central Eurasia.

The Conference Committee accepts electronic submissions only.

There is no way to save your work on the webform, so we suggest that you prepare the text before accessing the website.  For all papers (individual, panel, or roundtable submissions), please make sure you provide us with:

1) name; 2) current institutional affiliation; 3) title/position; 4) e-mail address; 5) postal address; 6) title of paper; 7) abstract of paper; and 8) a brief (100 word) biographical statement that contains the information that the panel chair may require for introductions, and includes the presenter’s educational background (highest degree, year awarded, awarding institution, and field of study).

Additional Information for Panel Submissions:

Panel proposals may be submitted as regular panels or as roundtable panels. Pre-organized panels should be thematically coherent and may be organized/sponsored by a scholarly organization.

Regular panels must have three or four paper presenters, a chair, and a discussant (the roles of chair and discussant should be filled by two different people). In addition to the information for each of the paper presenters on the panel, the following are also required: 1) a title for the proposed panel, and 2) name, affiliation, and contact information of the panel organizer, chair, and discussant.

Roundtable panels must have between three and six presenters and a chair (NOTE: no discussant is required for roundtables). As roundtables are oriented towards a more informal discussion, no paper proposal is expected from roundtable panelists, but please provide information for each of the presenters on the panel, as well as 1) a title for the proposed roundtable, and 2) name, affiliation, and contact information of the panel organizer and chair.

CESS encourages other institutions supporting the study of Central Eurasia to organize sponsored panels at the CESS conference, i.e., panels organized by the sponsoring institution, involving their members, and possibly receiving their funding. CESS-affiliated organizations are customarily granted one panel slot upon request. For more information on partnering with CESS, please contact the Secretariat at

Please note the following policy: only complete panels with a full set of panelists, including a chair (and a discussant for regular panels) should be submitted. If a panel or roundtable receives a high score from the reviewers but does not include a full complement of panelists, the panel may be rejected.

Role of the Chair: The chair’s main jobs are to introduce the presenters and to keep time. It is best if the chair arrives a little early to get brief biographical information from the presenters, though in some cases the CESS secretariat may be able to forward to you the author’s brief CV. Each presenter should be allowed 15-20 minutes for their presentation, and the discussant should get 10 minutes. If there are four papers and a discussant, the timing should be quite strict to allow 20-30 minutes for discussion. The sessions run 1 hour 45 minutes each.

Role of the Discussant: The discussant should receive the papers in advance of the conference and prepare 5-10 minutes of remarks on the papers. We encourage the discussant not to take too much time summarizing the presentations, but rather to draw parallels or raise critical questions for comment by the author or for discssion by the audience.

Important Notes:

Commitment to Participate: By submitting a proposal, you are indicating your serious intention to participate in the conference, including your commitment to take the necessary steps to obtain any required visa or funding.

Those accepted to either the regional or annual conference program should confirm their commitment to participate by the “last cancellation date” listed on the Regional CFP or Annual CFP pages. All travel and funding arrangements should be in place by then.  Note that CESS rules stipulate that those who do not confirm their participation in the conference by the “last cancellation date” will be dropped from the program and their slot given to another presenter.  For pre-registration deadline, visit the Regional CFP or Annual CFP pages. All registration after this date will be charged at the on-site fee rate.

Those who fail to appear at the conference without notifying the Secretariat by the last cancellation date will be considered “no-shows,” will not have their fees refunded, and will be barred from participating for the next two years. However, if an individual faces extraordinary circumstances at the last minute that prevent him or her from attending the conference (such as the denial of a visa), these circumstances will mitigate the situation.

It is CESS policy not to allow papers to be read in absentia.

E-mail Contact: Since all communication with conference participants is via e-mail, it is vitally important that we always have an active e-mail address for you. If we lose contact with you after your proposal is accepted, you may be dropped from the program, so please keep us posted of any changes to your primary email address, and please respond to requests from the Conference Committee in a timely manner.

Program Limitations: No participant may make more than one presentation at the conference. Without special justification, the program committee will not schedule any individual to appear on more than two panels as a presenter, chair, or discussant. If you have a paper included on a pre-organized panel and you also submit an individual paper, the pre-organized panel takes precedence and if it is accepted, your other paper proposal will not be considered.

Language of the conference: The language of the conference is English; translation from other languages is not allowed.

Notification of acceptance: Visit the Regional CFP or Annual CFP pages respectively, for this date.

Invitation Letters: The host institution will provide, upon request, mailed or faxed invitation letters to support an application for a U.S. visa or travel funds. Note: Obtaining a visa can take a long time, so we urge participants to begin the process immediately upon notification of their proposal’s acceptance. Participants should have visa and travel arrangements in place by the “Travel Arrangements & Visa” date listed on the Regional CFP or Annual CFP pages respectively.

Deadline for conference pre-registration fee payment or withdrawal from the program: Visit the Annual CFP page for this date. Pre-registration entails a substantial discount on fees. All registration after the pre-registration date will be charged at the on-site fee rate.

Pre-registration payment and a current membership in CESS are required for everyone on the program (with the exception of chairs and discussants specially invited by the host institution). Everyone must pay their registration and  membership fees by the pre-registration deadline or they may be dropped from the program. If you are unable to pay your fees by this date, you must notify the CESS Secretariat in advance and provide reasons why you are unable to pre-pay, as well as evidence of funding or travel plans (e.g., emailing a scan of your receipt for plane tickets, copy of visa, or proof of funding).

After the last cancellation date, no fees will be refunded. Visit the Annual CFP for this date.

Paper presenters will be informed via e-mail of the e-mail addresses of their panel’s chair and/or discussant, to whom they should send their papers by the deadline. Papers should be submitted to chairs/discussants by the deadline for paper submissions to chairs and discussants. Visit the Annual CFP page for this date.