What are appropriate and effective oral history methods to uncover untold stories of 1991 Central Asia? A pre-conference workshop

What are effective ways to access people’s memories about their own and their community’s experiences in 1991? What methods are appropriate for initiating an oral history collection: whose voices should we seek out first?

Are these questions you are grappling with, or would you like to share your insights? Then join the pre-conference workshop on Thursday, October 20, 8 am to 11:30 am eastern time. The workshop is accessible online and in person and will discuss “A Collaborative Oral History Project: “Central Asia 1991: untold stories”.

The year 1991 was a momentous turning point in Central Asia. Thirty years later, the changes in 1991, leading up to independence, and in 1992, as independence became a reality, deserve new research and analysis.

This workshop gathers historians, oral historians, and sociologists to share plans for collaborative research focusing on immediate impacts and longer-term impressions of the 1991 end and beginning, the end of a shared Soviet experience, and the beginning of life in independent states.

The research group is initiating a multi-site, multi-faceted program that will result in a new ‘people’s history of 1991 in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, producing academic publications and a shared, public-facing history website.

The workshop on the 1991 project seeks interest from scholars who might join the project or who share similar interests and offers a multi-lingual (English, Russian, Kyrgyz) training session in oral history methods based on readings shared before this workshop session.

This pre-conference workshop is open to 15 CESS members registered for the CESS conference (virtually or in person).

To apply, email mkamp@indiana.edu and ali.igmen@csulb.edu a brief paragraph explaining your research interests and why you would like to participate.

CESS Pre-Conference Workshop
Thursday, October 20, 8 am to 11:30 am eastern time, on zoom and in person
Title: A Collaborative Oral History Project: “Central Asia 1991: untold stories”
Conveners: Marianne Kamp and Ali Igmen