Save the Date: Central Eurasian Studies Society Announces 2024 Conference in Almaty

The Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS) is excited to announce its upcoming annual conference for 2024, scheduled to take place in the vibrant city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. This highly anticipated event is set to occur from June 6 to June 9, hosted by the esteemed Turan University, one of Kazakhstan’s leading educational institutions.

The conference, a staple event since 2000, has been a platform for scholars from North America and Central Eurasia to converge and share their insights. CESS President Ablet Kamalov (Turan University) and CESS Past President Jeff Sahadeo (Carleton University) are playing a key part in the organization of the conferences in the upcoming year. CESS 2024 promises a broad reach, inviting scholars to contribute across all humanities and social science disciplines concerning Central Eurasia, including Central Asia, the Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, Tibet, Mongolia, Siberia, Inner Asia, the Black Sea region, the Volga region, and East and Central Europe.HxO5zxTDafziL_0KDlnD-tN-GaucaiLJz_hJ1c6ofo2zL60GF13MdpfS72jLI3zyFdUx_vgjlTxZ0jWEECIXDgOWjrDKV8OynsHzBx3uSjCYd8-rUIXoBizU3K6nY9cFLuzxB4QErp0xn4XTjbXi2HI

The conference will feature up to 70 panels, attracting around 300 participants worldwide. Panel formats will range from traditional setups to innovative discussions on current events and scholarship-in-progress.

Turan University, established in 1992, stands as a beacon of academic excellence in Almaty. It offers a full-cycle educational system, including a lyceum, college, bachelor, master, and doctorate Ph.D. programs, alongside a dissertation council. The university boasts three faculties: Humanities and Law, Economics, and the Academy of Film and Television. With a faculty comprising 361 full-time teachers, including 55 doctors of science and professors, and over 49 practitioners and scientists, the university promises an enriching environment for the conference.

CESS, since its inception in 1999, has been dedicated to fostering communication among scholars of the Central Eurasia region and promoting high standards of scholarship. The 2024 conference is a continuation of this mission, offering a platform for scholarly exchange and public engagement. jLKqe8c5sVeRdchKS4C00je4M6WlJP1882X64YgHWotHryocbYMPvGopklH3b6jzbNwZte0agG6IgVwkROGCnaAPe-u8SHKKoaWjhK6-TWZw4TnRHDDd_kjRDbBS4ULfeF2GTP6WrNLt8ihF3ejmPAE

In 2023, the University of Pittsburgh hosted the Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS) conference from October 19 to 22, 2023. The conference drew over 300 delegates from around the world. Participants engaged in 73 panels, with 85 joining online in a fully hybrid format, discussing a broad spectrum of humanities and social sciences. CESS elected two new President Elects, Dina Sharipova and Artemy M. Kalinovsky, along with new board members Omar Sadr, Ketevan Gurchiani, and Olga Khan. The conference also honored Rashid Gabdulhakov and Dr. Balihar Sanghera with prestigious awards for their contributions to the field.

Mark your calendars for this significant event in 2024, and stay tuned for more information on the CESS website.