Rashid Gabdulhakov’s “Plovism” Wins CESS’ Public Outreach Award

Plovism: A Beacon of Knowledge in Central Asian Studies CESS has proudly bestowed the 2023 Public Outreach Award to Rashid Gabdulhakov for his exceptional work on the “Plovism” website. Recognized by a distinguished committee comprising Alexey Ulko, a Culture and Art Consultant from Tashkent, Uzbekistan; Cholpon Turdieva, a Professor at the American University of Central […]

Musical and Artistic Legacies Emerge at the Mongolia Society Event

The Central Eurasian Studies Society’s annual conference convened a riveting panel hosted by the Mongolian Society on October 21, delving into the diverse musical and artistic legacies of Mongolia. Prof. Uranchimeg (Orna) Tsultem from the Herron School of Art + Design at Indiana University introduced the much-anticipated session. Irmuun’s Eye-Opening Research: Ms. U. Irmuun presented […]

Conference Insights | Between Lines and Screens: Decoding Media’s Role in Global Crises

On Saturday, at CESS’ annual conference, a panel discussion on media discourses and their impact on public narratives, helmed by Karlyga Myssayeva of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and Ainur Slamgazhy of Astana IT University, offered invaluable insights into how media in Central Asia and other regions shape global conversations. Under the theme “Media Studies,” the […]

CESS EVENT: Urban Activism in Central Eurasia

Cities worldwide are undergoing a profound transformation process under the umbrella of neoliberalism. Decentralization and deregulation of urban policy, and an increasing marketization and commercialization of public space led to an increase in social inequalities, fragmentation of urban space, and segmentation of the urban economy.   Central Asia is not exempt from this global trend. Since […]

2022 Annual Conference of the Central Eurasian Studies Society at Indiana University

The 2022 annual CESS conference was held in Bloomington, IN. from October 20th to 23rd at the Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center (IAUNRC) at Indiana University “The Central Eurasian Studies Society [CESS] conference at Bloomington, Indiana, allowed me to meet new people and discover future research opportunities,” said Maral Sagynalieva, a Ph.D. student […]

Dr. Kenneth Linden – CESS 2022 – Participant Highlight

Dr. Kenneth Linden presented D. Namdag’s “Howl of the Old Wolf” and Wolves as Metaphor in Socialist Mongolia at CESS 2022. The novel was banned during the socialist era because the author used a wolf as a metaphor for his persecution. By: Bossan Abdyyeva Playing the video game Age of Empires as a kid in […]

Author Interview: 30 Years Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Turns and Twists in Economies, Politics, and Societies in the Post-Communist Countries, edited by Alexandr Akimov and Gennadi Kazakevitch

A new post is available at The CESS blog. Alfinura Sharafeyeva (University of Adelaide) interviews Alexandr Akimov (Griffith University), one of the editors of the volume 30 Years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall:  Turns and Twists in Economies, Politics, and Societies in the Post-Communist Countries, published by Palgrave Press (Palgrave Studies in Economic History). Here Sharafeyeva […]