CESS 2018 Election Results


The results of the 2018 CESS elections are now in!
A message from current CESS President Amanda Wooden announcing the results:

Both the presidential and the board elections were closely fought. All of the candidates are dedicated, insightful, thoughtful, and well prepared. Each and every one of them would have done a spectacular job if elected. We wish we could welcome all of these candidates to the board!

The results are:
Marlene Laruelle has been elected president.
Jeanne Feaux de la Croix and Martha Merrill have been elected to the Board.

I want to thank Jennifer Murtazashvili, Del Schwab, Chris Whitsel, and Russell Zanca for their willingness to serve, and to say that we look forward to their energy and dedication in the years ahead.

Let us also thank those colleagues who will cycle off the board in October: Past-President Douglas Northrop, and board members Leila Almazova and Tim Blauvelt. We are in their debt for all their years of dedication and service.

Please join me in welcoming the new president and board members!

Best wishes,
Amanda Wooden
CESS President